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Welcome to the epitome of opulence and exclusivity – The Royal Collection by Ross Bicycles. As an upgrade from our esteemed Level 1-5 custom paint jobs, The Royal Collection is a symphony of extravagance and artistry, befitting only those with a discerning taste for true magnificence. Embark on a journey to experience cycling at its most regal, where every ride becomes a declaration of your status and refinement.


Introducing The Royal Collection – A Luxurious Masterpiece on Wheels: The Royal Opulence (Starting at $7,000): At the entry point of The Royal Collection, The Royal Opulence invites you to select from a range of premium metallic finishes and sophisticated color palettes that beautifully complement your chosen bicycle design. Our artisans will meticulously handcraft your bicycle, ensuring that every element aligns perfectly with your vision. As you ride, immerse yourself in the luxurious opulence of your custom, rideable art.


The Majestic Mosaics (Starting at $12,000): With The Majestic Mosaics, your bicycle becomes a living masterpiece of artistic grandeur. Collaborate closely with our artisans to incorporate intricate patterns and gold leaf accents into the paintwork, seamlessly complementing the design of your chosen bicycle type. Revel in the seamless harmony of artistry and engineering as you pedal with regal elegance.


The Regal Radiance (Starting at $25,000): Elevate your bicycle to extraordinary brilliance with The Regal Radiance. Our master jewelers will meticulously set diamonds and precious stones into the paintwork, creating a dazzling display of radiance that resonates with your chosen bicycle design. Every ride becomes a journey of elegance and splendor, where your passion for cycling shines as bright as the gems on your handlebars.


The Imperial Illusions (Starting at $60,000): Prepare to be mesmerized by The Imperial Illusions – a custom paint job that embraces cutting-edge design and innovation. Collaborate with our engineering team to create a bicycle build that integrates the most advanced components, resulting in a ride that defies imagination. The optical illusion of 3D paint effects makes every pedal stroke a surreal journey where art and engineering intertwine.


The Royal Ascendance (Starting at $120,000): At the pinnacle of opulence stands The Royal Ascendance – a masterpiece that transcends expectations and blurs the boundaries of art and engineering. This bespoke custom bicycle build combines the finest materials, precise geometry, and handcrafted details to create a ride that is unparalleled in both form and function. The addition of precious metals and the most exquisite diamonds elevate your Royal Ascendance bicycle to a regal chariot, embodying your stature and passion for cycling.


The Royal Diamond Elegance World Record Breaker (Starting at $1.5 Million): Embrace a once-in-a-lifetime experience with “The Royal Diamond Elegance.” This extraordinary bicycle sets new standards of luxury, craftsmanship, and innovation, making it the world’s most sought-after and prestigious bike. At its heart, “The Royal Diamond Elegance” boasts the most exquisite custom components and wheels, thoughtfully selected to ensure unrivaled performance and sophistication. Every element of this extraordinary bike is crafted to elevate your ride to an extraordinary level of luxury.


Prepare to be awe-struck by the paint detail of “The Royal Diamond Elegance.” Our skilled artisans have the freedom to create an unimaginable work of art, transcending the boundaries of conventional paint jobs. This symphony of colors, patterns, precious metals, gems, and gold leaf accents will transform your ride into an unrivaled masterpiece.


Adorned with an abundance of GIA-certified diamonds, it radiates brilliance from every angle. Each diamond is meticulously placed by our master jewelers, creating a breathtaking display of magnificence that redefines the concept of luxury on two wheels.


Crafting demands the utmost attention to detail and artistry. Our dedicated team of artisans invests over 1000 hours of skilled craftsmanship, ensuring that every aspect of this bicycle is an embodiment of sheer excellence.


Standing as the epitome of opulence, a global icon of luxury and innovation. As you ride this extraordinary masterpiece, you’ll transcend into a world of regality, where every revolution of the wheels echoes the essence of true grandeur.


This is an exclusive legacy, reserved for the most discerning clientele seeking a true marvel of extravagance. It represents an unparalleled indulgence, setting new standards for the art of cycling and leaving an indelible mark of grandeur on the world’s stage.


Indulge in the world of distinction where luxury, artistry, and engineering unite to create an experience like no other. This extraordinary creation within The Royal Collection by Ross Bicycles is a timeless symbol of elegance, refinement, and the ultimate celebration of individuality. Prepare to own a global icon that speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and position among the elite connoisseurs of the world.

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Royal Collection Builds

The Royal Opulence, The Majestic Mosaics, The Regal Radiance, The Imperial Illusions, The Royal Ascendance, The Royal Diamond Elegance


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